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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Baby boy threads ... (Wilson addition)

I have heard it said a million times before ... "girl clothes are SO much more fun to shop for than boy clothes." This is a popular opinion, and I'm sure for a lot, if not most women, it's very true. But in this moms humble opinion, I would have to believe differently. I think if I were a normal women, with a normal fashion sense, an eye for accessorizing, and liked to dress up, this might be the case for me too. Unfortunately I am just NOT that girl. I am a plain Jane, t shirt and jeans, simple kind of dresser. I like earthy colors, simple patterns, if any, and most of all COMFORT. Maybe this makes me boring, I don't really care, or maybe it makes me the perfect mom for shopping for a boy. Not that shopping for Tatum hasn't been fun. I've actually grown to love it quite a bit. Granted, I don't dress her overly girly, or frilly by any means, but her feminine little face makes up for all my lack of feminine touch. I personally just think little boy clothes are so fun, if dressed tastefully. I'm not the biggest fan of dump trucks and bright colored clothes, but I'm a sucker for greys, browns and blues, and any deep color in general. So here are a few of my favorite future boys clothes ... If I had all the money in the world that is ...

Flannel plaid is one of my favorite boy styles ever. Add a hood, and you have completely won my heart!

Sweet little sweater for a dapper little man. I'm in love with dark blue!

I love a boy in cords ... cords are Jeremeys favorite type of pants, and I can't wait to have a little minnie Jeremey in matching ones. Plus these are a skinnier style ... which I love. Not a huge fan of super wide
 legged pants.

How wonderful are these? They are so simple, and I am in love with the forest green color!

Simple grey t-shirt, with a little detailing, and nice fabric ... love it!

 A deep blue, V neck onesie. Is there really anything better than this?

 I'm an Oregonian. I really like puffy vests. This super cute blue with grey trimming makes me so happy!


 I am the biggest sucker for jackets you will ever know. This black one would look great on a little guy

 Boys light wash jeans ... can't wait.

 Offset stripe onsie. simple but perfect!

 Anything with a hood, and a front hand pocket is my type of style!

Ok please. Those are the cutest jeans I have ever seen!

 Black long sleeve shirt, a must have for my boys wordrobe. Black is just so handsome!

 Baby boys in sweat pants melt my heart ...

 I love the wash and fit of these jeans. Team it with little converse shoes, and I'm done for.

Artistic and original art on onesies is so fun!

Suspender jeans, ridiculous!

 Cozy jammies for this mom that loves to be cozy. Can't wait to snuggle our little guy.

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  1. so precious! Dressing a little boy is dang fun! Riv will be adoreable