"This is a story that is often untold, and overlooked. A raw adventure of fighting the elements of illness, as a young wife and mother by seeking Jesus first. Start from the beginning, and see how the Lord can take a very broken and ill individual and bring about a truly unique LIFE and LOVE story." - BRYNN (& Jeremey and Tatum).

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A little hello

Not much going on as of recently, so this will be a pretty uneventful blog post. No pictures, no news, just a lot of waiting. Jeremey and I are trying to be patient as we wait for the Lord to answer what seem to be a lot of very persistant prayers. We don't mind if the answers are yes or no, do this, do that, stay here or go there, we just want to hear something. This season seems to be a very refining time in our lives, where we have been stripped down to a very raw point, where trusting the Lord for our very breath is vital. (I have been having a pretty hard time with constriction is my breathing lately, not sure what it is, but we are trusting the Lord that that He will lead us where we need to go if it continues to get worse.) That among a long list of daunting symptoms continue to be a part of my physical day to day battle. Please continue to pray!

Onto other news. We Love the Lord, we Love each other (Yesterday was our 10 month anniversary). We Love our sweet baby who is battling right along with me everyday, and is the strongest little girl in the world (You are getting the biggest kiss ever when you arrive for fighting so hard for 9 months inside of such a sick mommy). We Love our friends who have blessed us so much in the last few weeks with fellowship, conversation, understanding, and food!!! You have no idea how much it has meant to us, and we Love and miss our family.

Health, provision, direction, finances, housing, and wisdom, please keep these things in prayer!

Monday, August 16, 2010

22 weeks, A Christmas baby, or so it seems that way.

Well, today is baby Wilson's 22nd week in the womb. I can feel her move quite a bit now, and even though I actually lost 1 pound according to our ob visit on Thursday, I am significantly much bigger to the eye. We really have no idea why or how I lost weight again, but Jeremey and I always joke about how strange it is that at 22 weeks pregnant (117 pounds) that I am still so much smaller than I was back in my first and second semester here at bible college (2005/2006). I am actually starting to wear my clothes from back then. It's interesting because I never knew I weighed over 115, but most obviously I must have. Anyways, I guess that is insignificant information to most. I was just thinking out loud. I suppose that means that I don't have to buy quite as many maternity clothes! (not sure why this paragraph is bold, but I can't get rid of it, sorry)

Today, we went in for our midway scan of the baby, to get a thorough check to see if she is developing correctly. So far so good. It seems as though every time we go in though, the doctor moves the due date closer and closer to Christmas. Though I have a very strong feeling that our baby is going to arrive early, her technical due

date is now December 23rd ... oh my. I am going to stick to December 20th in my mind. It is more settling, and gives me hope that I won't be laying on a hospital bed during Christmas Eve. Every time we get to see her on the ultrasound, the tech tells us that she is such a squirmer, and it always takes forever to get her to sit still for any pictures ... does this remind you of somebody ... especially Wilson family members??? A little female Jeremey on the way if you ask me. YAY!!!

So as of Lately, I have been feeling even more sick than usual. I know ... how could I feel more sick??? I wonder too. Not with morning sickness, phew, thats over for the most part. But with extreme dizziness, far worse than more than my normal vertigo. We have no idea why, and I have started to feel as though it is not my place to figure out. What I do know, is that I am slowly coming to grips with the fact that there is a GOOD chance that I will NOT ever start to feel better till my pregnancy is over, and only the Lord knows if it will even happen then. It is a strange place to get to, but it is building Jeremey and my faith, as each day gets harder and harder. There really is no place to turn or to place my trust than in Jesus. I am of course anxious about what this means for the future, how I will deal with labor, and especially how I will handle taking care of a newborn, but I will drive myself crazy if I think about it too much. We would Love all the prayers we can get. Strength for my husband, the baby and myself. Emotional strength as we are humbled by the fact that we may need to aquire more help in the future once the baby is born. Prayer that the Lord will supply all of our "needs" not "wants" whether that be physically, spiritually or financially. Prayer for my physical body. It is very weak and needs much supernatural strength to endure the days to come. Prayer that Jeremey and my hearts would be sold out to the Lord, not just in trial, but in every aspect of life. Prayer that the Lord would continue to supply fellowship, friends who would willingly come alongside us in this time and support us in the Lord. (We have amazing friends, haha, you all are huge blessings to our lifes, and have encouraged us so much!), and prayer for wisdom and direction in the next 4 months!!! Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Belly Pictures!!!

Many have questioned whether or not I am truly pregnant, hahaha. I too will admit that for a while there I was just as confused as the rest of you as to where on earth that baby could be hiding inside of me. I thought I would never pop. But week 19 the tides changed. Now I feel like I grow a couple of sizes each week, haha. In all reality though I am over half way through my pregnancy and have only gained 6 pounds so far. But after 14 weeks of not gaining a pound, those 6 pounds are monumental!!!! So here are the long awaited belly pictures that so many people have asked me about. They aren't good quality, since they were taken on my iphone, and sorry there are no head shots. But this will do for now.

The first picture is my belly at 10 weeks pregnant!!!

The second picture is my belly at 20 weeks pregnant!!!