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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Home Schooled cast delivers first baby!

For those that don't know ... This is the cover of the new movie Jeremey and I filmed/directed/wrote and produced this last spring. If it looks cheesy that's because it is. I am posting this because the 2 main characters in the film (pictured in the center, Katie Ancheta, and my husband) both found out during the filming of the film that they were EXPECTING. Yes I know it sounds strange, the 2 main characters of a christian bible college movie playing 18 year old kids were, when in actuality they were both married, Katie 28 years old and Jeremey 25, kinda trippy. Katie found out she was pregnant during the 4th week of filming I believe, and I found I was pregnant around the 8th. She was 5 weeks ahead of me, and we started this long journey together way back in March. So big NEWS, Katie brought her beautiful baby boy Josiah Elisha Ancheta into this world 2 days ago on November 17th! He is such a cutie! And you all know what that means, I'm NEXT. It becomes very real when the person who is right ahead of you in her pregnancy journey delivers her baby. Congrats Katie and Mike. For anybody who watches the credits in movies, you might have seen a very special dedication to both of our unborn babies at the very end. It's so neat to have names and faces to match those dedications, though mine won't be revealed for a couple weeks still.

Oh and PS: Remember those baby Tom's shoes I posted about wanting for my little girl a while back? Well the "bad girl" in our movie, the girl on the very end on the right, Sharrah Robeson, who is in Spain this Semester at the bible college extension campus sent them to me as a gift. They are truly the cutest things you have ever seen. Thanks again Sharrah! (Shes not a bad girl in real life, she just plays one in the movies.)

Shoot lets just go ahead and give an update on the cast in this picture. starting from the far left, Kathryn, is working on campus here, and gearing up to get married to her sweetheart soon. Next to her Amanda, just got married this last weekend to her husband Dave. It was a great wedding! Daniel Belzman is working on campus here still and I assume still making people laugh. Katie, well, I just told you about her. Jeremey, he's being an awesome husband and gearing up for his new baby. Aaron Sabio is over in the Phillipines working at the bible college extension campus there. Sharrah is in Spain like I mentioned above. We miss you Aaron and Sharrah. And Kyle Seeger the one whos hands and neck are pictured (played Chip in the movie) is here at the bible college, getting ready to graduate in 3 weeks! We Love you all!


  1. HA! I love how I have to defend myself now whenever I meet someone who saw the movie haha.. thanks for getting my back ;)) And you're too cute, you are SO welcome and I am SO excited to see little baby wilson rock those toms... she's going to be adorable, can't wait!

    PS. This past weekend I was in York, England and we stopped by the Bible College there and there were a few girls who asked me, "Hey weren't you in Home Schooled?" haha! I was like OH NO... Yes I was, and I am NOTHING like that in real life haha... She said the whole school over there watched the movie... It's gone international, how crazy is that!

    Well, this is officially the longest blog comment ever haha... So I will have to end it now, love you guys and miss you guys! Praying for you!!

  2. This is such a great post Brynn!

  3. Great blog babe, You are the best wife ever. One correction, I think that Aaron is in New Zealand.

  4. Yes, bummer, you are correct Jeremey. Aaron is in New Zealand. I promise it wasn't some racist comment by saying he was in the philippines, just because his is filipino. haha, I truly thought that was where he was. Sorry Aaaron.