"This is a story that is often untold, and overlooked. A raw adventure of fighting the elements of illness, as a young wife and mother by seeking Jesus first. Start from the beginning, and see how the Lord can take a very broken and ill individual and bring about a truly unique LIFE and LOVE story." - BRYNN (& Jeremey and Tatum).

Thursday, October 25, 2012

3 of the best years of my life!

Shout out to my awesome, outrageous, gorgeous and amazing husband on our 3 year anniversary! Babe you are a gem. Thank you for being a Godly husband and father. You brighten up my life with your choreographed dance moves with Tatum, you keep me on my toes spiritually and intellectually with the passion you have for life and the Lord, and you never cease to amaze me with the way you can make me laugh even when I am in my most horrific sick and pregnant slumps ;) I love you!

4 years and 1 day ago we went on our first date ... to see high school musical 3 in theaters. It's still one of our favorite movies!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Blue is the color!

(Getting the big sister out of the car just 5 minutes before finding out we were having a boy!)

So, its true, we are having a boy ... We couldn't possibly be more excited for this new addition!

It seemed as though the Lord set up our "gender reveal" day nearly perfect. After battling for a few weeks with bad headaches and dizziness, last Friday (the day we found out) was the one day where my symptoms seemed to subside. What a blessing. Along with that the weather was cold, brisk, cloudy, and even a bit rainy, contrasting the nearly 100 degree days we have been having for months and months and months on end, this was a beautiful and surprising treat. Before arriving to our appointment, Jeremey and I had one last "SO what do you think it is?" discussion. As usual, I said 55% boy, 45% girl. (Though in my heart of hearts, I always had a much stronger pull towards it being a boy, but who wants to guess wrong???") When having these discussions with Jeremey previously, he would always flip flop his answer. Every day it would be the opposite gender from the day before. I swear he does these things just to get under my skin ;) But that day as we were leaving for our appointment he said "Well, lets go meet our boy." I love my husband!

The Ultrasound tech got right to work ... I mean, she got us right in, and within one minute, was getting the little cursor ready on the screen, to type out the gender. Jeremey and I were kind of stunned, and couldn't believe she could tell that fast, but before she could type out what it was, I shouted out "ITS A BOY ISN'T IT???" She laughed, and said "Well geez, you're pretty sure aren't you, well you are right. It's a BOY!" Jeremey and I cheered while at the same time being in complete disbelief. He just looked at me with this big smile, while rubbing his hands back and forth (signiture Wilson sign of excitement). It was one of the best moments in my life to date. We kept saying "how did you know so fast? are you sure? While the ultrasound tech then proceeded to show us 5 different angles of, well, his boy parts. our little guy was calm, sleeping away, but in the perfect position to show us what we needed to see. This was the opposite of Tatum, who in every single ultrasound we ever got with her, the techs would say "geez, this is the most active baby ever." We left the office with smiles on our faces that wouldn't leave for the duration of the weekend ... to be honest, we are still in shock!

The funniest part about the whole day, was how when it came time to call our parents to tell them the news. NOBODY would answer ... All 4 phones, rang and rang and rang, till we thought we were going to go insane. To mess with them a little bit, we decided that when they did call us back, that we would play a little trick on both sets of parents and tell them that it was a girl first. Gosh we are so mean. BUT COME ON. Your children are calling you continuously to tell you the gender of your next GRANDCHILD, pick up the phone, haha. Well we got them both good ...

When my parents called they were in the car on the road. It just so happend that both Jeremey and my phones were almost dead, because we had been trying to call them for so long, and it was the end of the day. We told them that it was a girl, and let them linger on that for a while, then we flipped the script and told them it was actually a boy, THEN THE PHONE DIED. Impeccable timing. To talk to them again, we had to charge our phones for at least 10 minutes. hahahaha. I would have loved to see what type of conversation they were having in the car. Eventually we called them back, and the first thing they said was "SO WHAT IS IT??????" hahaha. We did the same thing to Jeremey's parents, but without the phone dying. We let his mom discuss with us a little bit about what its like to have 2 girls back to back, while I was dying on the other end, telling him to just tell them the truth. It was a fun way to share the news. The most exciting reveal was to Jeremey's sister Stephanie, who brought all 6 of her kids and husband into the room on speaker phone to hear the gender. She has 7 nieces on the Wilson side and NO nephews. She has waited a looong time to hear "its a boy" from one of her brothers or sisters. When we told the family, there was a minute long uproar of screams and celebration. With 7 Wilson girls born in a row, this was quite the surprise!

Truly, our hearts are completely overwhelmed with joy that the Lord would bless us with another child to care for and Love, and that he would see fit for us to have a SON! We know that this next stage in life will not be easy, but are ready to cling to the Lord through whatever it is that faces us in the future.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Boy or girl ... Wilson number 4????

As for blogging ... for some reason I just have not had the energy to keep up. Boy do I have some topics I would love to write about, and oh how I hate the fact that I am not documenting this pregnancy as often as I would like to … I don't want our next little bundle to feel neglected, seeing as Tatum had blog upon blog about her in the womb. 

Jeremey and I just got back from a grand adventure. Unfortunately our adventures were separate. He went to Jerusalem to teach for 2 1/2 weeks, while I spent half my time in Oregon with my family and the other half in Arizona with his. Being in some of the more crucial weeks of this pregnancy, being apart from one another wasn't the most enjoyable thing. But the Lord carried us both through it, and we were joyfully reunited last week, to now take on our favorite and most busy time of the year. FALL! Have I ever mentioned that I love fall, I'm pretty sure I mention it every October on my blog, and will continue to for as long as I live (or the blog lives) because i LOVE it that much.

This fall is a little more special than others … because soon and very soon, we will be finding out the gender of our new baby. My anticipation levels are through the roof, far more than they were with Tatum. Partly because I just KNEW that we were having a girl last time. There was no second thought, no guessing, no pondering or speculating, I just knew from the second I saw "Pregnant" on the pregnancy test that I was carrying my daughter. This time though, I am not quite as positive, in fact, I flip flip just about every hour. When I look up baby names, I can't find any I like, when I think about Tatum being a sibling, I imagine both genders, haha, when I imagine my husband with another baby, I imagine another girl. When I imagine myself holding another baby, I see a boy. How confusing. All that to say, whatever it is, will be a surprise, and a total blessing. 

My reasons for wanting another girl …
- We already have ALL the girl stuff we will ever need.
- I ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted a sister, and think that it would be great for Tatum to have that special bond.
- We know what its like to have a girl. Wouldn't have to start over from scratch.
- The girl I already have is the funniest, craziest, most amazing kid in the world, and if we had another one like her, they would make the most dynamic duo ever.
- My husband is amazing with girls. He just gets them, and knows how to make them feel so special, and is just the perfect girls daddy. He has 9 nieces, and they all adore him.

My reasons for wanting a boy …
- So I can have a son, simple, but I've always wanted to have that special bond with a son. Jeremey and Tatum have such a special bond. I would love to have a similar relationship with my opposite gendered child.
- Boys are easier. Or so I've heard, and so I've assumed.
- So I can have one of each!
- To avoid even further teenage girl drama.
- To see what a boy version of Jeremey and I would look like …

What do you think we will have???