"This is a story that is often untold, and overlooked. A raw adventure of fighting the elements of illness, as a young wife and mother by seeking Jesus first. Start from the beginning, and see how the Lord can take a very broken and ill individual and bring about a truly unique LIFE and LOVE story." - BRYNN (& Jeremey and Tatum).

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Small head, big belly, 24 weeks pregnant ...

A post for the simple act of remembering what I looked like through the course of this pregnancy ... and because so many people have been asking for belly shots. (this is the first belly picture I have taken all pregnancy.)

I am not searching for compliments, nor do I deserve them, haha. I have said it before, and I will say it again. I am terrible at being pregnant. Do NOT get me wrong, I am overly thankful that the Lord has blessed my body with the ability to become pregnant and carry a child. (several of my very best friends are battling infertility, and it has become very clear to me that being pregnant is such a privilege and miracle.) Apart from that, I will say that I am just NOT the glowing, vibrant, basketball belly pregnant women. I feel sick for 40 weeks, I never fit in clothes properly, I gain weight in all the wrong in places, and not in the necessary places, my skin doesn't glow, my hair doesn't grow, I never sleep and my eyes sink in, and in my oddball opinion my growing belly just looks so strange with my freakishly small head, hahaha.

- Gained 4 1/2 pounds so far (I know it looks like WAY more)
- The terrible headaches are MUCH better. Praise the Lord!
- The lower back pains have begun ...
- River is measuring a week smaller than his original due date, but refusing to back track a week in this pregnancy journey.

On that note... Happy 24 weeks to me, and the lovely boy that's growing inside me.