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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The santa dilemma ...

Living at a bible college, where my husband works and teaches, many would assume that we would raise our children in such a way, where Santa didn't exist, and Jesus was the only reason for the season ... right??? As much as that perfect scenario would be ideal, I have found that it is nearly impossible. Instead somehow Tatum has become quite intrigued with Santa (eye roll). Ask me how, I still don't know. We haven't even taken her to see him or anything. But every single person, animal, or inanimate object she sees with a red hat, she exclaims "SANTA, HO HO HO." It was cute at first, now it's just weird. I've found, that just living day to day life in our culture, you can't completely avoid the jolly man in red. It's like he has some magnetic pull. Instead, we are trying to tell Tatum about who St. Nick really was and that Jesus being born is the real reason for Christmas. Of course at nearly 2 years old this goes completely over her head, so to make things more simple I tell her "Tatum, Santa is "oookay (with a half hearted look on my face) but Jesus is AWESOME!!!!!" (with the most excitement I can muster up). For the most part she grasps this concept, and chimes right in. It's a work in progress.

Tatum with her favorite Christmas toy (Santa potato head) sent from grandpa, and her sweet little baby Jesus from our nativity set. (kissing him as usual).

 Sitting under the Christmas tree.

Checking out Christmas lights.

CCBC Christmas party.

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