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Monday, December 10, 2012

(Guest Blogger: Jeremey Wilson) Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles, A Place Where Dreams Come True

(When I asked my husband years ago if he would like to guest post on my blog, I assumed he would write something along the lines of being the "untypical" husband to a chronically sick wife, about his love for movie making, or perhaps about growing up as the youngest of 5 children. To none of which caught his immediate interest. Several years later though (just a few days ago) he came to me with much excitement, exclaiming that he had a topic in which he wanted to blog about ... I love him so much I can't stand it. Perhaps sooner than later he will come back to write about one of the aforementioned topics!) - Brynn

Hello blog world.  This is Brynn's husband Jeremey.  For years the lovely lady has been asking me to guest write about something deep and profound for her blog.  I could think of nothing more exciting than our visit to "Roscoe's chicken and waffles".  Alright, maybe not the most life altering topic but for my freshmen effort it will have to do. That being said, Mat Kearney is blastin as my fingers dance around the computer keys, so let's get this blog started.  

For years I have heard people rave about this restaurant, Roscoe's.  It was said that "dreams come true there."  Good grief, this sounds like my type of restaurant.  I am a sucker for weird food combinations.  If I hear about a place that serves pickles covered in peanut butter, I'm there!  (not that waffles and chicken are all that weird together, but you get what I mean.)  I've been wanting to check the place out for almost four years and finally got my opportunity.  Logan, a good buddy ran up to me after my wednesday night class almost suspiciously, and looked both ways before he asked "Hey Jeremey, some of the gang's going down to Roscoe's, would you want to come?"  If he only knew that this had been a long lost dream of mine. (I'm working on raising the standards of my dreams).  Sooner than later Brynn, Tatum and I were on our way to Pasadena to join Logan and the gang for some chicken and waffles.  I realized that this could potentially ruin the monumental thoughts that I had leading up to this point, but then again I couldn't let fear rule my life… wait, what did I just say?  

Moving on,  we successfully made it to our destination.  We were greeted by our good friends and proceeded to our seats.  It was a comfy feel.  Our waitress was really nice and the place smelled great.  I ordered the number two which came with two huge pieces of chicken, waffles and a side of onion gravy.  It felt like our food came out in no time.  So how was it?  It was INCREDIBLE.  Even Tatum loved it.  She laughed and danced through every savory bite.  Fun times were had by all.  Being the dork that I am, I even bought a shirt, (what can I say, I had to savor the moment somehow.)  At the end of the meal it felt like a victory.  Tatum was well behaved, Brynn was happy, the gang had some laughs and the food was bomb.

In the Christmas spirit, Brynn and I have decided to try and make this a yearly ritual, that is ... if the 2012 end of the world prediction doesn't take place. It may not be the most festive holiday tradition, but it will be a delicious one! In the end, the gang walked out of the joint on top of the world. The drive home seemed long, but sitting in bed recapping the event, I know that it all was worth it.  Thanks for coming with me on my adventure, God bless you and goodnight.     


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  1. bahaha! My brother David used to rave about this restaurant when he was in high school! I was alway intimidated not knowing how to approach eating the food... are you actually supposed to eat the chicken with the waffles in one fowl ;) swoop? Or just separately? Well maybe I will have to brave the unknown.

    I bet that was great pregnant food!