"This is a story that is often untold, and overlooked. A raw adventure of fighting the elements of illness, as a young wife and mother by seeking Jesus first. Start from the beginning, and see how the Lord can take a very broken and ill individual and bring about a truly unique LIFE and LOVE story." - BRYNN (& Jeremey and Tatum).

Monday, October 25, 2010

1 year anniversary/8 months pregnant = October 25th 2010

Today is a very special day. It is Jeremey and my 1 year anniversary, and our little ones 8th month in the womb. The Lord has blessed us with so many gifts and we are really so undeserving. This year has gone by faster than any other time period in my life, and has been more jampacked with highs and lows than I could have ever imagined. No matter what the circumstance, or what the event there hasn't been one moment where I haven't cherished the time I have had with my husband. I am amazed by the man that he is, and am a billion times more in Love with him now than I have ever been. Marriage is so beautiful. One year ago today we vowed our lives to one another. It was the most incredible wedding I have ever been to, hahaha :) Here are a few pictures from the day!





This weekend we celebrated our anniversary early, and headed to Downtown Disney for the weekend. We have spent the last 2 halloweens at disneyland/disneyworld parks, (or at least the halloween season) so we thought we would make it a tradition and go for 3. We both Love the Disney atmosphere and just feeling like kids again. (hence the reason why we spent our honeymoon in Disneyworld). Because I am super pregnant, and can't go on any of the rides inside the park anyways, we just had a nice dinner in downtown disney and strolled around enjoying our time together! We ate at Joes Crab shack, which was the first resturant we ate at on our honeymoon. Jeremey couldnt believe how much I ate, and well, honestly either could I. I Love stalking up for my baby!!!



The first picture is from us at Joe's Crab shack this last weekend. The picture below it is from one year ago on our honeymoon. Too bad you can't see my belly in the top picture, But it's there and it's growing! I don't know why but I am just so bad at taking belly shots. It's just something I don't think about doing very often and when I do, I often feel to sick to dare snap a picture of myself. (Also sorry the picture is so dark, another blurry iphone shot taken by a busy waitress.) But like I said before I am 8 months along today. How crazy is that?

Not much longer and the anticipation is definitely growing. Tomorrow my

mom is flying down from Oregon to spend the week with us. She hasn't seen me pregnant yet, so this is going to be pretty monumental for her. I am having my baby shower this Saturday, and so Jeremey's family is also coming for the weekend. It should be such a joyous time, filled with many pictures that can fullfill your belly shot desires for at least a little while. Sorry to all of you who keep asking. Speaking of the baby shower, it is this weekend, Saturday the 30th, at 2pm, for those that live at or near the bible college. The evites have gone out, but I know from personal experience with email and evites that I often overlook a lot of emails, and miss a lot of events, haha. I am horrible with email. So here is a little reminder or a heads up for those of you that may be like me, and haven't heard anything about the shower. I am registered at babies r us, just search Brynn Wilson on the baby registry if you are interested. Some of you have also been wondering about what colors the baby room will be. I am not sure if we will get around to painting the room for a while, considering we are still moving in and situating ourselves. But we want to go with grey and yellow. The calm mellow yellow and grey. We aren't picky though, and will appreciate anything in any color, haha. This is kind of the feel we are going for as far as colors go.


Well I guess that is all for now, there is much celebrating to be done and lost of company to get ready for. This truly is such an exciting time looking back on a whole year with the Love of my life, and our soon to be new addition. I never would have expected to be here in a new home, with a new tiny life, getting ready for my entire world to change in a matter of weeks, But boy am I glad it all worked out this way. Jeremey and I are blown away by the Lord's continuous hand on our lifes, and will always covet and appreciate your prayers for our future!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

False alarm

False alarm ... no, not the OMG, I think I'm going into labor type false alarm ... Praise the Lord ... but the "something might be wrong with your baby" type, which can actually be worse. Jeremey and I have been very realistic in the last nearly 8 months, knowing that at any time we could be hit with news that our baby is not 100% perfect. With all my medical issues, in a weird way, we have been expecting it. Every appointment up until she started kicking we would hold our breath while the doctor looked for a heart beat, and I have always been overly cautious and worried about every little twinge, or oddball thing that has come up concerning my baby. I think most moms are probably like this huh. Sometimes it it just so hard to trust the Lord and give up the worrying ...

At my 30 week appointment, my doctor said I was measuring way too small, or the baby, rather was measuring too small. A whole month (26 weeks). I know there are a thousand things that an OB could say that could be worse and set our world into a tailspin, but I was still a bit worried. I beat myself up a bit, believing that it was my fault, not eating enough, being sick, not taking the right vitamins, and so on. Had my baby stopped growing? Was something even greater wrong with her? Was she suffering inside of me because my body is so weak? The doctor set up a special ultrasound to be done just a few days later, this ultrasound would measure the baby exactly, instead of the OB just assuming there is something wrong by the size of my belly. We were a bit concerned but also excited that we would get to see our little ones face again, it's been a while. As fun as ultrasounds are though, I'm actually not a huge fan, only because they make you drink so much water that you feel like your bladder and your baby are gonna pop right out of you. Plus Jeremey and I got totally lost on the way to the clinic, then they set back our appointment time anyways, ugh, even more waiting, and unable to use the restroom.

But to see your baby is worth all of it ... When the tech checked the babies size, to our excitement she was a perfect 30 weeks and 5 days. She was ahead of schedual as far as size!!! Can you believe it. The OB was off by that much, well maybe she wasn't OFF, but my belly is just measuring that much smaller. The tech didn't seem fazed by it, she just said "you have a super small frame, but your baby is growing just fine." Woo hoo, my little goober is really doing it!!! What a relief! My thoughts at this point were "Praise the Lord, now lets see her sweet little face on the ultrasound screen." Our daughter had other plans though, she was flipped upside down and backwards in my womb, facing my backbone, so there wasn't a chance we could see her face ...I had hardly slept a wink the night before in anticipation of seeing her again, and though we were bummed about that situation, the reason we went in was to make sure she was growing correctly, so we left the clinic thrilled at our babies progress. It was just a false alarm. For now, all is well!

In other news, we are moved in to our new place. There is still so much to do, still things to unpack and put in there places, and still so many things we would Love to get to make our condo seem like a home rather than a bachelor pad. The time is going quickly and the home projects seem never ending, especially being sick, and nearly 8 months pregnant. But boy are we blessed. This is a season of new things, our lives will never again be the same. While talking to Jeremey the other day I mentioned something about just being "a kid" still and then we realized that we aren't at all. Yes we Love to laugh and goof off and have fun like kids, and we will both always be the babies of our immediate familes, but the Lord has built us up over the past years, has taught us to Love Him deeper in a more real way, and has prepared us to be parents. Thank you Lord for trusting us with these things!!! (Hopefully soon we will have pictures to share of our new place.)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We're MOVING :)!!!

Yes, it's true, we are officially moving ... the Lord has provided in His perfect timing, and has blessed us with a condo just a couple months before the birth of our baby. We have been praying about where the Lord is leading us, and how we would find space to care for our growing family. YAYAY, we are so excited! Even better, we are just moving right down the road, into staff housing condos, no long drawn out moving days!!! We are thrilled for the little things, things that a lot of people might take for granted. Since we have been living in a dorm room for almost a year since we have gotten married, we have gotten use to very close quarters, and inventive living. Some of the things we are most excited about:

- A sink (yes we are excited to have a kitchen, but the sink is what we rave about mostly, a double sink to do the dishes in, instead of using the bathroom one, plus we have a dish washer, what is a dish washer???).
- A washer and dryer, thats revolutionary, no more driving across campus 4 times a day to load and unload in the student laundry room.
- A stove, and oven, oh what cooking possibilities are opened up.
- A room for our BABY ... thank you Lord, thank you thank you Lord.
- A space for my husband to work early in the morning without waking his insomniac wife up!!!
- 2 Bathtubs, oh to be pregnant and be able to take a bath!!!
- A living space, somewhere for friends to come over where they don't have to see our bed at the same time as they sit on our couch. Can't wait to have our bed in its own seperate room! As well as having a larger space to have sick days. It can get so claustrophobic being sick every day in one room with just 4 white walls.

We are so thankful to have been graciously provided this new place by the bible college. As a soon to be mamma, it is so comforting to know that my baby will have a little area to call her own and to grow!

Friday, October 1, 2010

It's FALL, the craziest and yet most wonderful time of the year!!!

A week ago today, the 24th was my 26th birthday ... since when did my early 20's escape me??? I am so blessed though, one reason being that I am excited to start my later 20's with a radically different plan for my life in store. I spent ages 21-25 looking for answers to my health problems that the Lord knew I would NOT discover during that frame of time. But now I am looking forward to the next 5 years of my 20's, serving my husband, the Lord, and caring for my baby, if the Lord wills to bring her to us safely.

This last weekend we decided to drive to Arizona for the weekend to visit Jeremey's family for my birthday, and to get out of the heat, and into .... some more intense heat. It was a blessed time. We had Red Lobster for my birthday, my favorite, and a mini celebration party with pies on Saturday. Despite being terribly sick all of Saturday, it is always a joy to hang out with such a big energy filled family of terribly cute babies, on the brink of teenage adolescents, and gracious brothers, sisters and parents. We Love being Aunts and Uncles, I really feel so Loved by all of them when they come running to squeeze and hug us, and ask us continuously to move to Arizona to live with them. They are the funniest, sweetest most beautiful kids in the world. Our 4 year nephew even sat on the bottom of his stairs for 2 hours with a juicebox waiting for us when he heard the news of us coming, he eventually gave up, and made us a whole bag of cookies instead. Thanks Micah! Here is a picture of the fam last year at thanksgiving, the little ones have grown up quite a bit since then.

I didn't even intend on writing all that, I guess I just realized how much I miss them. My birthday came with many fun gifts, many of which were for the baby. An amazing diaper bag, sent from Oregon, thanks mom and Steve, and then one of the neatest gift ideas I've seen thus far, a whole arrangement of baby shoes, but not just any. All the brands my husband wore growing up, which just so happen to be most of the brands I wore too, just in miniature size!!! Nikes, Adidas, All Stars, Converse and Vans, Jeremey's favorite!!! Woo Hoo. Here is a picture of a few pairs.

Someday I would Love to get a pair of Sanuks and Toms for our little one. I think those are the only brands I wear these days, just imagine how cute she would be in them! I already looked them up and fell in Love.

Overall it was time well spent. But now we are back in California ready to take on the FALL, best time of the year. Next up, 1 year anniversary, baby shower and mom comes to visit, Jeremey's birthday, thanksgiving, end of the semester craziness, OUR babies due date, and then Christmas, all back to back. It's going to be an eventful 3 months, keep praying. Our bundle of joy is doing well, she tumbles and keeps me up a lot, but it is so exciting. We got some blood test results back this morning, and turns out I AM anemic, with low vitamin potassium levels. So I'll start taking the needed medication for that soon, and hopefully that will help improve even the slightest bit of the faintness and dizziness issues. Sorry for such a random post. But thats the Wilsons for ya!!!