"This is a story that is often untold, and overlooked. A raw adventure of fighting the elements of illness, as a young wife and mother by seeking Jesus first. Start from the beginning, and see how the Lord can take a very broken and ill individual and bring about a truly unique LIFE and LOVE story." - BRYNN (& Jeremey and Tatum).

Saturday, April 13, 2013

40 weeks, Due Date Dinner!

(I wrote this yesterday, just didn't have the time to get it up)

So today is my due date. April 12th, a far far cry from way back in July when we first found out we were pregnant ... back when April seemed like a foreign place somewhere off in never never land.

But here I am, I have made it (we all have made it)... it is a gorgeous day outside, the sun is perfectly warm and not too hot, and our family is READY for River's arrival. We just aren't sure if he is ready yet ... So following in Brynn pregnancy overdue tradition ... we will wait!

As we wait, I will tell you a few things that set this pregnancy apart from my previous one.

          - My first trimester was a glorious one, no throwing up, and little nausea. Unlike Tatum's, that had me throwing up for 20 weeks straight several times a day.
          -  My second trimester, though always the hardest, still in comparison to last pregnancy, was much more pleasant. It took place during all of falls amazing holidays, which probably aided in taking my mind off all the intense symptoms I was feeling.
          - My third trimester seemed to come out of nowhere and slap me in the face. Since Tatum's 3rd trimester was by far the easiest of the three, I was expecting the same things to be true this time. I was wrong. My body seemed to fall apart this time, dizziness came in like a roaring lion. Flu season hit, I got the flu once, a fever once, and a bad head cold, while the rest of my family did the same. My body fell apart much quicker, my back pains have been excruciating , the Braxton hicks contractions far more intense,  and my sleep nonexistent. I've felt like an 80 year old women the entire 3rd trimester.
          - I have gained 13 pounds this pregnancy, half the amount I did with Tatum at 26 pounds. River is definitely positioned much different in my belly. It almost feels like my belly looks like a little triangle that sticks straight out, rather than a big beach ball that encompasses my whole body.
          - River is much much more active in the womb ... yikes.
          - I had gestational diabetes this time around. It's inconvenient, but tolerable. I definitely cannot wait to eat some sugary junk food as soon as River arrives.
          - Due to my gestational diabetes, the doctors won't let me go 2 weeks overdue this time ... thank goodness. My induction date is next Saturday the 20th, if he doesn't come sooner.
          - I had a toddler this time ... a toddler who turned 2, and got a really big opinion about things in what seemed like overnight. Being pregnant with a little one has definitely made pregnancy this time around quite different. 

Speaking of that wonderful toddler ... Today is my last full day alone with her, FOREVER. Yes I cried thinking about it. Partly because I will miss my momma individual time with her, and partly because I can hardly move and didn't know if I could take on even one more day of her crazy energy on my own while this uncomfortable. My mom comes tomorrow, and we will have family here for the next month straight, between Jeremeys side and my side. It's all pretty hard to believe. Jeremey and I always say that Tatum has been a wonderful first child. She came into this world late, and has been trying to make up for the lost time ever since. She made us parents and changed our lives forever. Never has a day gone by in the last couple years, where she hasn't cracked us up, with her contagious sense of humor and over exuberant love for life. The Lord gave us the perfect little girl. The perfect fit to our quirky family. A family of 3 was fun, it was manageable, fairly simple, and we had tons of time to devote to our one and only baby, but boy are we ready to make it 4! Knowing that having 2 children will take away much more freedom, much more "me" time and "us" time, we are still ready. Our hearts desire is to have as many children as the Lord sees fit for us ...

On our last night alone as a family of 3...EVER, we drove down to San diego to go to this restaurant named "Hash House A-go-go." We had seen it on a favorite tv show of ours, and Jeremey had been wanting to go for years. Despite the fact that I couldn't eat hardly anything due to my Gestational diabetes, Jeremey and Tatum claimed to it being the best restaurant they have ever been to. The portions were seriously bigger than any plate I had ever seen in my life. So big that there were pine trees sticking out of them. We definitely will be going back. Along the way we took many pictures and just strolled around the city trying to get labor started. It was a wonderful night spent with my family, reflecting on all the amazing moments we have had in the last 3 1/2 years, and 2 years with Tatum. Hopefully the next blog I write I will be able to introduce you to our little man!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A short interview with Tatum ... (2 weeks before Rivers arrival)

I will be posting an update SOON on all the fun and glorious things that have been happening at the tail end of this pregnancy (eye roll) ...

But till then, we filmed Tatum a little bit last night, and tried to capture her little personality on film just before officially becoming a big sister ... This is what we got ... (2 weeks before Rivers arrival.)

and this was her ... 9 months ago, when we found out she was going to be a big sister (I know I already posted this a while back, but I just had to again. She has already grown so much)