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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Well, isn't that the strangest thing???

Well, hmmm. I'm still a little confused ... At my last doctors appointment (2 weeks ago) I hadn't gained even one pound in 2 weeks. So my OB put me on a diet of 7 meals a day, lots of powerbars, and ensures and, with a homework project to up my caloric intake by a significant amount. I was still measuring quite small. Today, 2 weeks later I went in again, thinking to myself, "I have hardly been eating more at all, in fact I have been feeling pretty nauseated again, so it's been harder for me to eat, so I'll be surprised if I gained anything." Typical, in unpredictable Brynn style, I gained 7 pounds in 2 weeks ... WHAT!?!?!? Jeremey and I were celebrating and cheering while I was on the scale, the nurse thought it was so funny, telling us that she had never seen a couple be so excited about weight gain. When my doctor came in her first words were "wow, you really took your homework project seriously and up'ed that caloric intake." She asked if I had been overeating, and Jeremey and I both agreed that I had been eating a bit more, but still not as much as a normal non-pregnant person eats everyday. So strange. So she down cut my calorie intake, and told me to watch how much I am eating in the next week. Now isn't that the strangest thing??? I am told for 33 weeks straight to gain gain gain, you're too small, your belly isn't measuring right, your baby is too little, eat more, and then BAM, they tell me to take it easy and ask if I'm overeating???? Hahahaha. I think it is so funny, so ironic, and SO ME. So many twists and turns. My mom thinks they might have weighed me wrong last appointment when I hadn't gained anything, I have the same feeling, but who knows. But this does explain why I feel SOOO pregnant lately, and sooo tired. It took me 6 months to gain 7 pounds at the beginning of this pregnancy, and now I did that in 2 weeks, eeek. Well, there's a strange update for you. Till next time!

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