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Monday, April 30, 2012

16 months, and growing way too fast!

The other night, us Wilsons attended a prayer and worship time for our friend Brent Yim and Family (the family I wrote about on my last blogpost.) It was a beautiful time of worship, testimonies and prayer. Thanks to all of you who read my blog and have now begun to pray along with us!

During that time, we left Tatum in the childrens room, with around 20 other kids ranging from 16 months up to about 9 years old. Tatum being the youngest. We were a little hestitant at first, seeing as she was so much smaller and younger than the rest. But we eventually snuck away without her noticing. About an hour and half later we went back, and decided to watch her from the window ... and oh what a pleasure it was. We found her nudged in between a group of kids coloring at a table. She was perched on her own chair as happy as could be.   As we continued to watch, she slowly fell off her chair, to our surprise no tears. She just picked up some spare crayons that had fallen on the ground, handed them to one of the ladies watching her and acted like nothing had happened. We continued to watch her for several minutes, amazed at how independent, helpful, and personable she was. "Is this really our kid?" we thought, since when did she turn into a little adult? When we finally entered the room we thought we would be greeted with hugs and smiles, but instead she kinda just looked at us then ran over to a movie that was being projected on the screen in the corner and just exclaimed "WHOOOAAA" while pointing at it for us to see. Gosh I love that kid.

All that to say, she is growing up fast, and learning so much. I definitely haven't worked with her on her speech as much as I should, but here is a list of some of the little words that she has been saying.). (so I can look back on them later, and for the relatives who care to know.)

gama (grandma)
nigh night
ello (hello)
dat (that)
wa wa (water)
ney ney (milk)
See laya (see ya later)
woof (doggie)
meow (cat)
nouth (mouth)
baaa (sheep)
tanka (thank you)
bye bye
cacker (cracker)
cak cak (quack)

And for your viewing enjoyment! Here are a couple videos of Tatum's newest tricks!

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  1. Your story totally brings me back to the first time we left Lyla at AWANA. We arrived way early to pick her up and watched her throught the window. It was probably one of the most entertaining moments of my life! I so enjoyed seeing my "baby" interacting with other kids and adults. I saw it as a huge step in her independence! It's so odd to watch your child from a window and see the little person they are turning into! It's such a different perspective than we are used to viewing them.