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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

2 must see videos - You will be blessed!

I know most people don't have a ton of time on their hands to watch 2 random videos posted on a blog, but I highly reccomend watching these, HIGHLY!

My husband has had the honor and priviledge the last couple of weeks to film and edit two of what I think are some of the most beautiful videos he has done to date. They are beautiful because of the CONTENT (not just because of his filming and editing, which I'm obviously biased towards.) WE are humbled that he was asked to take part in both projects, and are really hoping that all who see them are blessed and encouraged in the work of the Lord.

The first video is of a marriage proposal ... (if you are a female, I dare you to watch it and try not to cry). It was filmed on the roof of a church, during a beautiful dinner and movie candlelit setting. For half of the video Jeremey was hiding behind an air conditioner to film the shots without the future bride knowing. Chandler and Shery really expressed what true love looks like without even hearing a word they said. Praise the Lord for this beautiful couple and the life they will share together.

The second video is one of 3 that Jeremey shot several weeks ago here on campus for a friend of ours, Chelsea Moon. She is a VERY talented and GIFTED singer who specializes in taking old Hymns and revamping them into more modern and folky masterpieces. The Lord is using her in HUGE ways, and if you don't have her CD's, GO out and get them! Her latest one just came out last week! I can't wait to share with all of you the most current video that Jeremey is working on for her ... but it is still in the works. For now check out this video that was shot in our recording studio here on campus. The sound was ALL recorded LIVE. She wasn't lipsyncing to a track, that is how GOOD she and her musicians are!

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  1. wow. that engagement video made me cry! what a thoughtful and romantic man to go to such lengths just to propose...and to have it documented. God bless that sweet couple. great job jeremey!