"This is a story that is often untold, and overlooked. A raw adventure of fighting the elements of illness, as a young wife and mother by seeking Jesus first. Start from the beginning, and see how the Lord can take a very broken and ill individual and bring about a truly unique LIFE and LOVE story." - BRYNN (& Jeremey and Tatum).

Friday, May 25, 2012

Goodbye for now. Have fun in the Holy Land!

A couple months back I posted a blog about Tatum meeting my best friend Jenny for the first time during a trip her and her husband took down to the bible college. 

What I forgot to write about a couple weeks later is how her and Cody packed up all their belongings on the island in Washington, and moved back down to southern California to start a new life here!!! How exciting huh, my best friend back in my home town, getting to share our lives together once again ...

Well, it was a great month and a half, but Cody and Jenny are now moving to Jerusalem, Israel. They will be there for 3 months teaching at the bible college over the summer. I don't know what the Lord has in store for them after their time there. But selfishly I would Love for them to move back here for good.   Whatever the Lord wills!

Funny how quickly the Lord brings and takes people out of your life. So thankful for the time they were here. Love you guys. Have fun in the Holy Land!

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