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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

1/3 of a year old ... my boy

My sweetheart of a boy is 4 months old today ... 1/3 of a year old, and I am begging for my time with him to slow down ...

River is past the stage of all day sleep marathons, and easy going couch placements, and has moved on to 2 to 3 naps a day,  has been faithfully rolling across the living room for a month now, and is soon on his way to crawling. My second time around as a mother, has been such a pleasant one. The Lord has been so gracious with me in giving me the most easy going baby. Not that Tatum was very hard at all, but with her I was desperately sick for almost the whole first year of her life, and missed out on enjoying so many of the little precious moments of early motherhood. So this time around I have been soaking up my time with my little boy, knowing full well that he will soon be an "independent" toddler full of spunk like his sister.

Things about River that melt my heart

1. He is so so gentle, he has the sweetest demeanor of any baby I have ever met ... He is just so go with the flow and pleasant to be around.
2. His deep brown eyes, and darker coloring. When I was still pregnant with River, I had a very strong feeling as to what he was going to look like. I always felt that he would break the mold of his sister and have his moms dark eyes and skin, and thats just what we got. So happy to have my brown eyed boy.
3. He is the most curious, alert little man ever. Seriously though, he is very attentive to everything around him, almost like he totally understands whats going on.
4. His huge contagious smile. He smiles ALL the time, at everything and anyone. Truly so so happy, and he has the cutest little dimples on the right side of his face when he smiles big.
5. He is very forgiving, especially to his big sister who loves with all her strength and often can't help but tackle him and accidentally hurt him. But far more often than not, he isn't even phased and will grin right through it.

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