"This is a story that is often untold, and overlooked. A raw adventure of fighting the elements of illness, as a young wife and mother by seeking Jesus first. Start from the beginning, and see how the Lord can take a very broken and ill individual and bring about a truly unique LIFE and LOVE story." - BRYNN (& Jeremey and Tatum).

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3 reminders

This weekend I was reminded of 3 simple but very important things ...

The Lord gives LIFE
The Lord can be given glory through lost LIFE and ...
The Lord sustains LIFE

Here's how I was reminded of these things.

First, my 2 favorite babies in the world (the ones who beat the odds of growing for 9 months inside mommas who had pretty concerning health issues) were together again due to my extended family being in town. My own little Tatum, and my niece London. Seeing them together was a good reminder of how the Lord has provided for our families and heard our prayers from our sick beds/hospital beds. They are just too cute together! (unfortunately I was sick with a bad cold and bad bout of vertigo the majority of the time, but nonetheless). The Lord gives LIFE!

On Sunday though, Jeremey and I, and the rest of the CCBC campus was struck hard with the news that a student has passed away. With a campus of just around 350 students, for many, it was like losing a brother. He passed away out of the blue due to having a heart attack while playing basketball. Patrick was just 19 years old, gearing up to graduate when the Lord decided to take him home. As a student body/as a family of believers, we know that Patrick is rejoicing with the Lord right now, and as Christians we can take great comfort in that. My husband is working hard this week to put together a film for the memorial service that will be this Friday for Patrick. I am sure the Lord will be glorified even more through the testimonies of his friends stories about the life he lived! The Lord is given Glory through lost LIFE!

And Just yesterday my dear friend Jordyn Wagner who is battling/suffering through Lymes disease, experienced one of her worst pain attacks to date. She deals with this daily. Excruciating pain with episodes that last hours on end and seem to have no bounds. A pain that most will never ever understand. But Yesterday while fighting one of these attacks she stopped breathing, was unresponsive and went into a coma-like state for 4 hours. After waking up she was medicated and sent home again. We nearly lost her. This morning she wrote this on her Facebook status

"I never thought Lyme could kill me. yesterday was different. all my strength suddenly left, i lay limp and saw those beautiful bright lights.I was ready to meet my King and worship Him forever. Although the unresponsiveness didn't last long, in those moments what I've waited for so long came to me...the angels sang their sweet hymn to my failing heart. "Turn your eyes upon Jesus, Look full in His wonderful face,And the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace" I was so close, so close to never crying a tear again. and why the Lord would leave me here, I will never understand. But my hope is still in Him even though I feel like I miss Him because I was so close."

I don't know what the Lord has in store for her, how many more pain attacks she will go through, or how many she can even handle. But I do know that she fights through her pain with the Lords strength, and is one of the greatest examples of a God fearing women I have ever known. I Love you Jordyn. The Lord Sustains life.

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  1. I love this post, Brynn. Love you and I'm so glad you got a visit with sweet London :)And Jeremey did a great job on Patrick's memorial video, I loved it, such a blessing.