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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Flus and Pumpkins oh my!

These were the words uttered by my husband and I this weekend ...
1. "this is hands down the worst day of my life." - Jeremey
2. "this is the hardest day we've had since getting married." -Me

GET YOUR FLU SHOTS, go now, if you haven't ...

I wrote a big long post about the horrific weekend we had with our family having the stomach flu ... but in the end ... decided I rather not look back on my blog in a year and rehash the nightmare. All I know, is that I was never warned before I became a mom as to how hard a bout of the flu ripping through a household could be, especially with a baby, and ESPECIALLY when you are already chronically ill. I'm still trying to recover from the over exhaustion on my body from no sleep, a bad vertigo flare up and taking care of 2 individuals while my own body was a wreck. The Lord saved us from this pit of dispair, and we are all alive to see another day. That is all that needs to be said.

In other news, we went to the pumpkin patch yesterday. I know everybody says it, so I will join right in and say it too. FALL is the best season BY FAR! Fall in California though is not quite the same as it is in Oregon. Never have I been to a pumpkin patch in shorts and a t shirt before in nearly 100 degree weather, and there be a snow cone shack open. I'm use to rain, and freezing cold weather and a hot chocolate in hand. Oh well. FALL is FALL, and pumpkins are pumpkins!

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  1. haha! The photo of Tatum screaming, and you smiling, is my favorite. Glad you're all feeling better!