"This is a story that is often untold, and overlooked. A raw adventure of fighting the elements of illness, as a young wife and mother by seeking Jesus first. Start from the beginning, and see how the Lord can take a very broken and ill individual and bring about a truly unique LIFE and LOVE story." - BRYNN (& Jeremey and Tatum).

Monday, February 27, 2012

Tatum's AMEN!

When you are constantly wondering if you are doing anything right as a new parent ... moments like this help restore hope! For the last couple of weeks Tatum has been trying to beat us to our "Amen" at the end of our prayers. Yes, she is probably just mimicking a fairly often spoken word in our house, but that's not the point. The point is, that she is watching our actions, and learning from them. Hopefully it will be the Godly actions that she sees the most, and not our fleshly ones.

Like most parents ... I have high hopes for my children ... I want them to be kind, gentle and loving. I would love for them to have a love for music like their parents, to play many instruments, and to sing. I would love for them to be athletic, and competitive but not sore losers. I would love for them to be smart and excel in academics. And I would love for them to be creative, and unique, to have a good sense of humor, and posses tender hearts .... Now none of these things are wicked, or wrong to want for your children, but they are NOT the most important thing ... Raising them to know Jesus is. Raising them to praise the Lord, to thank the Lord, to acknowledge the lord and to KNOW the Lord should be our ultimate goal. Hearing my daughter claim "Amen" after we pray, officially marks my best parenting moment yet. It is the first and only word that she has picked up on her own, and hasn't been "taught" to say ... how awesome!


  1. That is the sweetest most precious thing I have ever seen!!

  2. This truly blessed my heart. Thank you :)

  3. Thanks guys! Heather your girls are getting cutter and cutter I can't stand it. Especially in those pictures that were just posted of them. And Jordyn, as I was writing this blog, I was definitely thinking of you and hoping you would be blessed during the fiery trials you are enduring. I know you Love kiddos.